Meningococcal group B

George and Izzy were both taken by MenB.

Know the facts, get the vaccine

There are many different groups of meningococcal bacteria which cause meningitis. There is a vaccine to protect against ACWY that is free on the NHS, however it will not protect against MenB – a bacterial form of meningitis which like the ACWY strains, can be lethal in hours. 

What is the MenB vaccine?

The MenB vaccine helps to protect against disease caused by meningococcal group B (MenB) bacteria. MenB is the most common cause of bacterial meningitis in the UK.

The vaccine is currently (since 2015) only available free on the NHS to babies. However, you can get the MenB vaccination privately. A variety of pharmacies (including Boots and Superdrug) travel clinics and private GP practices offer the vaccination at a cost.

You should expect to pay around £100 per dose. Two doses of the vaccination are required, protection following one dose is limited. The brand name of the MenB vaccine used in the UK is Bexsero – you may hear it referred to this name too.  

Elaine Zographou urges all parents to get their teens vaccinated again MenB.

MenB Vaccination Trial

The University of Oxford has recently launched a vaccine group trail: Be On The Team. The trial began during the Spring of 2018 and will take place in four waves of recruitment over two years.

The NHS wants 24,000 teenagers in Year 12 across the UK to take part. Each student will receive two doses of a vaccine.

You can find out more about the Be On The Team trials by visiting their website.

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